The Official Store of The Kefa Project


of profits are reinvested into the co-op. This allows mothers to self-determine how to best help their families leave poverty.


Mothers receive a monthly stipend from bag purchases to cultivate a living wage.


1 Woman


(on average)

5 Kids



This means the 13 moms in our co-op directly impact 70 children.


The co-op exists to empower families to create a safe and consistent home where children and families feel loved.

In Addition to the Co-Op We Partner with Mothers for the Following Programs:



Many of the women felt isolated before the co-op. They form community together. Staff create community through monthly devotions and by visiting homes and walking through problems and creating solutions with families.

Health Education

We provide courses on reproductive health and disease prevention.

Parenting Classes

Parenting classes are provided that include how to discipline, how to create a safe environment, and how God values the mothers and their children. Staff is available to work with parents when their children are exhibiting difficult behavior.

Business Skills

Women learn how to budget, save, and market their products and how to reinvest to grow their businesses. Women specifically have formed saving groups together.